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Remembering Harvey

Dr. Harvey Gellman, who died on April 23, was one of Canada

The e-mail Challenge

E-mail has become as important to me as the telephone

Computer education is problematic

There is a strong market demand for computer people. A large number of Canadian trade schools, colleges and universities offer programs of study that are taken because students want computer positions.

Projects can succeed with the right tools

We've all had our problems with projects. Details get forgotten.

Offices march onward

I continue in my search for the "perfect" suite of office applications.

Say cheese and click your pic

Digital cameras are getting more and more attractive.

Managing the Web

The original Web challenge was to get the right information up on the site. The amount of information on sites continues to grow.

MS not the final word

In the current computing world, there is a window of opportunity for alternative word processing programs.

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