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The next president’s IT agenda

As most CIOs know, government policies have a major impact on corporate IT. Yet in presidential politics, the connection between policy and IT has gone largely unacknowledged.

Line Up the Team

With every dollar cut from corporate budgets, alignment between business goals and IT activities becomes increasingly important. "I don't understand how you could possibly leverage IT in the business without dealing with the issue of alignment," says Jan Duffy, an analyst with Toronto-based IDC Canada.

When art imitates IT

While the term installation is typically reserved for things like ERP, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum is giving it new meaning

The last mile

Good CIOs have gone mad trying to find cheap and effective last-mile connections between their corporate LANs and WANs. Wireless companies promise an alternative to T-1 or fibre-optic links: high-speed service at a fraction of the cost.

Making connections

Between the economy and the attacks of Sept. 11, companies are turning to other means of doing business besides air travel, says a Quick Poll.

Surfing in tongues

World Wide Web addresses were recently liberated from the tyranny of roman characters. This blow to the English language's hegemony came on Nov. 10, 2000, when Mountain View, Calif.-based domain name registrar VeriSign started registering Web addresses in Chinese, Korean and Japanese characters.

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