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Only in Canada, you say

To those who have read my columns in the past it will come as no surprise that I still climb up on my tired donkey, grab my cardboard lance and tilt again against the windmills of Canadian apathy, Canadian lack of pride, and Canadian roll-me-over-and-tickle-my-tummy attitude.

Web pages need a purpose

To continue on from a previous column, in which I took a look at some Web sites and commented on the obvious lack of purpose, let us look at another reason for a Web site


One of my hobbies is messing about with cars.

Never be a product in ones own land

There are some golden rules about starting a small computer business.

Beware of panaceas offered by Web consultants

Did anyone notice the pall of smoke at the beginning of the year 2000?


Column writing is a lonely task. One fires out canon balls but there are no indications as to where they land. So it is really appreciated when an e-mail pops up from someone who has actually been moved by such missives.

The Corel morale

We have all been entertained by Michael Cowpland's running of Corel.Whatever you think of his methods, he is undoubtedly up there with the legends...

Drastic steps need to be taken to help Canadian start-ups

In my last column I expounded on an idea to improve the lot of Canadian "high-tech" entrepreneurs (

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