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When Things Go Bump in the Server Room

I read an interesting article today as I was “Diggin” through the day, that I thought would be worthy to share here on the...

A Green Bush Idea

One of the first things that come to mind when I read the heading “Green IT”, is paper consumption.

Epic SharePoint

I have recently been pushing Sharepoint and all of its wonderful features within the office environment. It has always been used but never to...

IPod Touched My Life

Sooooo…the IPod Touch.

I got an Irate Caller here, let the games begin

One of my long time quirks has always been the customer service call center industry.

A Complaint Letter or Just a Good Chuckle?

I couldn't help but feel the need to pass this letter on that I recently submitted to my local telephone carrier.

Social Catalyst eh?

When I read the topic discussing that IT can become a catalyst for social change it makes me wonder.

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