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Andrew Brooks is managing editor of IT World Canada. He has been a technology journalist and editor for 20 years, including stints at Technology in Government, Computing Canada and other publications.

Articles by Andrew Brooks

Red Hat integrates Docker virtual containers for Linux

Move promises easier application development and operation; but re-engineering will be needed

BC researchers to exploit big data to protect ocean

IBM, governments contribute to improve data gathering and analysis; project has applications for public safety and environmental stewardship

SevOne buys analytics provider RapidEngines

Company says acquisition will add deeper visibility to monitoring and diagnostics toolkit

School’s in: OpenDaylight has summer internship for student developers

Interns will spearhead networking innovation in SDN working with industry technologists

Ontario city touts ‘super GIS’

Dozens of organizations and governments use the geographic information system. Read why.

Canadian digital strategy isn’t very smart, says consultant

At a smart cities conference criticism that Ottawa is satisfied with 5 Mbps broadband

Vice-president and service director, technology practice, Aberdeen Group

What does good data management look like for a small-to-midsized business? What are some of the ways to get there? What benefits can SMBs expect if they execute to plan? This is the third in our series of articles that examines the ins and outs of data management for SMBs.

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