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Cyber storm warning

After a simulated cyberattack exercise last winter, officials in charge of cybersecurity at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said they had identified eight areas they need to work on with the private sector to secure and respond to cyberattacks on the nation's critical infrastructures.

Privacy gets partisan

Privacy has become a partisan issue in the U.S. In the past, bills written to protect consumers' private information typically got the backing from both Republicans and Democrats. Last May, for example, the House passed an antispyware bill 395-1. But now Republicans and Democrats are drawing clear lines on what they support.n

famous fraudster-turned security consultant

Frank W. Abagnale has a message for CIOs who think automation will save loads of money and protect their companies from fraud. Abagnale, the muse for the movie Catch Me If You Can, is the notorious con man who kept the FBI at bay for decades while he embezzled millions of dollars out of unsuspecting individuals. His message: Automation -- business processes run automatically without human intervention -- could actually make fraud easier and cost more in the long run.

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