Stay Out of the Time Warp: 5 Questions to Evaluate Your Readiness for Workplace Transformation


    An executive time traveler from 1960 would look at today’s offices and wonder how he ever did business with just a telephone—plugged into the wall, no less—for communication. With technology changing faster than ever, today’s employees will not stand for collaboration stagnation any more than they would want to go back to using a rotary phone. Organizations that do not stay ahead
    of these digital trends are in danger of going extinct. The good news is that even a “digital dinosaur” can transform into an expert of futuristic technologies with the right mindset.

    Rocket your way through the common growing pains of modernizing your organization’s collaboration strategy, all while keeping an eye to the future. The five questions in this eBook will help you
    determine your company’s readiness for launching into workplace transformation.

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