A recent Media Metrix Canada study indicates Canadian Web surfers aged 55 and older spend more time on the Internet than any other age group. The report notes the 55+ age group is the smallest on-line, representing only seven per cent of all visitors to the Web. However, this group has grown considerably in the last year, increasing 41.6 per cent since January 2000, according to Media Metrix. French Canadian Web surfers in this age group have grown only 20.8 per cent since last May. Other data in the report suggests the gender gap between men and women on-line in this age group is narrowing. According to the findings, men account for 54 per cent of Web surfers in the 55+ age demographic, compared to 46 per cent for women. But the findings differ for French Canadians in the same age group, with men at 61 per cent and women at only 39 per cent.