Xplore Mobile announced a new data service for Manitoba customers that will introduce “fairness to the province’s wireless industry,” a Nov. 5 press release said.

The new service, called Rollover, will allow customers to roll over their last month’s unused data onto the next, the release said.

“Manitobans have been asking for a wireless company that treats them fairly and offers plans that are simple, affordable, and transparent,” Allison Lenehan, president of Xplore Mobile, said in the release. “We want to be that company.”

The company launched the service on Nov. 5 but will be available for customers on Nov. 14, the release noted.

Xplore Mobile recently started its service by welcoming about 20,000 mobile customers who were transferred over from another wireless carrier, as a result of an agreement with the Competition Bureau of Canada that was made last year in February.

As part of the transition and the phased migration, the 20,000 customers will “be the first in the province to have the opportunity to choose to roll over one month’s unused data allowance to the next month, with no strings attached,” the release said.

The new service is a wireless service part of Xplornet Communications Inc. and will provide voice, text, and data services to Manitobans.