Work starting on next HTTP standard

It’s everywhere and yet few outside IT think of it: The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)  standard.
And the current version, 1.1 has been a war-horse since it was approved by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in 1999. Well, it’s time for an update. As this story from ComputerWorld U.S. details, the IETF has begun work on HTTP 2.0. It hopes to submit a proposed standard to the Internet Engineering Steering Group by 2014.
(Graphic from Shutterstock)

In a note the IETF said HTTP/1.1 “is one of the most successful and widely-used protocols on the
Internet today. However, its specification has several editorial issues.Additionally, after years of implementation and extension, several ambiguities have become evident, impairing interoperability and the ability to easily
implement and use HTTP.”
The starting point for the revision will be Google’s SPDY open networking protocol.


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