Websense Inc. has launched a global security network aimed at monitoring constantly changing Internet data, including content created on popular Web 2.0 networking sites.

The San Diego-based said ThreatSeeker can parse through one billion pieces of Web, messaging and data content every day to search for security threats. The network will be able to scan through more than 100 million e-mails and 50 million Web sites daily, as well as assigning reputations and status reports to over 2 million domains, networks and IP addresses every hour.

The company also said that its new online intelligence system can adapt to the rapidly-changing online landscape more effectively than traditional security solutions, such as those offered by Symantec, McAfee and TrendMicro.

In a January 2088 IDC report, Program Vice President Chris Christiansen said that Web 2.0 and Business 2.0 applications were becoming a major source of identity fraud, privacy violations, and corporate data loss. The Framington, Mass.-based research firm also said that two-thirds of organizations are currently using at least one Web 2.0 application somewhere in their business processes.

Websense said that its customers will benefit from the intelligence gathered through the network. Additionally, the company plans to launch a new generation of Web and data security products featuring enhanced real-time classification capabilities later this year.

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