Wedge Networks says it can make its Web gateway appliance disappear.

The Calgary company said a new Stealth Routing feature enables its BeSecure Web Gateways to be transparent when installed, which should make installation easier.

“It’s a technology composed of a set of algorithms and software that makes the BeSecure completely invisible when performing in-line high-speed deep content inspection and anti-malware optimization enforcement,” Hongwen Zhang, Wedge’s president and CEO, said Thursday.

The feature comes as a firmware update for all BeSecure Web Gateway applicances, and is enabled through software by an on/off switch.

The BeSecure Web Gateway performs malware and URL filtering as well as policy-based application control. However, like any device introduced to a network, its IP and MAC address may be immediately visible – and therefore vulnerable to attack. Stealth Routing manipulates traffic as soon as the security gateway is plugged in, so it is immediately invisible, yet all security features are available.

As a result, Zhang said, on installation network configuration doesn’t have to be modified even when the the network changes, which will reduce maintenance time. It is also said to offer better network utilization and security without requiring transmission of dynamic routing protocol packets.

Stealth Routing is part of the version 3.1.8 firmware upgrade. Coming in the fourth quarter is version 3.2, which will enable higher throughput.

The Web Gateway comes in two versions: the NDP-1020SWG is recommended for networks with 2,5000 users and is powered by a single Intel processor with 1Gbps throughput. The dual-core NDP-2040SWG is said to be able to inspect 11.5 million Web pages per hour with its 3Gpbs throughput.

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