The local television network industry needs new rules as new services such as video streaming become increasingly popular, according to the chief of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

Just over a week after he announced tougher regulations protecting consumers in the wireless phone sector, Jean-Pierre Blais, CRCT chair, on Wednesday said the commission is preparing consultations on Canada’s television broadcasting rules which have been around for some 20 years.

The growing popularity of online video streaming and video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Netflix offers a golden opportunity for broadcasters to develop new ways of serving up content to consumers, Blais was reported as saying by the Toronto Star.

Speaking at the Banff World Media festival, the CRTC chair said it was high time to evaluate whether or not current TV industry regulations “still hold true.”

He said the planned consultations will include input from consumers as well as industry stakeholders such as Bell Media and Corus Entertainments.


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The regulations will concentrate on how licensing restrictions can be adopted to deal with innovations such as media streaming and content sharing over the Internet.

Just a week ago, the CRTC rolled out a new national wireless code that compels carriers to adopt consumer-friendly policies such a cutting current three-year phone contracts to just two years and putting a cap on the amount that carriers charge for things such as data roaming

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