Most threats to corporate data come from external actors but the possibility of employees to steal, manipulate or destroy assets is still real. Now comes word that a new Trojan is in the works that could making it easier for attackers to recruit insiders.

According to Gartner analyst Avivah Litan, Israeli threat intelligence firm Diskin Advanced Technologies discovered the malware, which it dubs “Delilah” and includes tools for snaring targeted insiders through social engineering and/or extortion. It could also use ransomware techniques.

Diskin says that at the moment Delilah is only shared among closed hacker groups and not available for sale on the black market. The idea is that once installed the hidden bot gathers enough personal information from the victim so that the individual can later be manipulated or extorted, Litan says, such as information on the victim’s family and workplace.

Another weapon is a plug in that connects to a Webcam on the victim’s computer that could record without the user knowing.

“Surely, to combat Delilah and similar bots, it is especially important to collect and analyze endpoint data and information on VPN usage and TOR connections,” says Litan. “Often times, the optimal way to do this is to feed EDR (event data recorder) output into UEBA (user and entity behaviour analytics) systems for correlations and advanced analysis of various events. Organizations should also seek to prevent endpoints from getting infected in the first place by preventing employees from visiting high risk adult and gaming sites using organizational systems.”

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