VMware invests US$ 30 million in Puppet


Virtualization software company VMware Inc. grabbed the lion’s share of venture capital investment today in Puppet Labs by plunking no less than US$ 30 million into the open source configuration and management firm.

The Oregon based Puppet , which now has a total of $46 million in VC money, said it will use the money in developing software that better integrates with those of VMware.  New integrations that will allow Puppet’s 750 application configuration modules to work with VMware’s vCloud Automation Centre, vCentre Operations Manager and vCentre Configuration Manager are being planned.


Ottawa company goes after VMware’s vCloud Director

Puppet uses a declarative, model-based approach to IT automation. Users first define the desired state of the infrastructure using Puppet’s declarative configuration language. The software allows users to simulate the configuration changes before enforcing them

Then the desired state is deployed and enforced and corrections are made to make sure the desired configurations are followed. The software also reports the differences between the actual and desired states as well as any changes made in the course of enforcing the desired configuration.

Established in 2006, Puppet makes software for managing an organization’s computers and software. For VMware deployments, the company’s products are used to automate the deployment of virtual machine-based services. The company has more than 100 employees and a community of some 6,000 users and developers.

Other companies investing in Puppet, include Google Ventures and Cisco.

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