Video communications with partners and customers is increasingly being used  to enhance collaboration.

But not all applications are video enabled. That’s why Vidyo Inc., which makes on-premise and cloud video collaboration solutions has released a contact centre reference design based on its VidyoWorks platform.

“The idea is to enable folks to add a video contact centre to things like Web chat off the same platform the business has deployed for other purposes, like internal communications,” Mark Noble, the company’s senior director of product marketing, said in an interview.

It will likely be used mainly by small and medium-sized businesses that don’t already have a contact centre, he said, but it could also be used by larger companies to develop a solution for branches.

The design is “a jump start” for a developer, and includes queing logic, logic on the consumer portal side, ability to start recording automatically, pre-scheduled meetings, the ability to add subject matter experts into a conversation  and other capabilities.

The design allows developers room to create a solution for each organization’s needs, Noble said.

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