In today’s fast-paced business landscape, companies are pressured to adapt to changing market conditions quickly and efficiently to secure their place in the food chain. Utilizing an approach that is highly collaborative, nimble and focused on reducing both development costs and time to market, more and more companies are adopting agile best practices to keep up with the new digital economy.

 But let’s not forget what the main purpose of agile methodologies and implementing new technologies is: to improve the user experience. It’s the key to driving adoption and efficient and effective use of your critical business applications. And it’s understanding this end goal that will enable enterprises to be successful in agile.

Finding the root cause of performance issues

DevOps allows teams to work together in the entire service lifecycle from design to product support, though many companies aren’t following its principles. The lack of strategic direction, technological know-how and access to the right solutions are all challenges these businesses need to navigate to stay competitive. But the most important challenge companies face is determining the root cause of performance issues. Only after analyzing your organization’s weakest points and coming up with solutions for future growth can an agile approach be fully functional. 

The survey says: Agile is a work in progress

It is clear that the key principles of agility and DevOps are not yet in place. A new ITWC survey, How Agile Are Your Operations? — conducted in collaboration with CA Technologies — responds to questions about an organization’s performance management using testimony from more than 100 IT professionals and managers. The survey indicates that digital transformation is a work in progress and IT professionals have to grapple with a mix of new and legacy technologies. 

Agile is one of the powerful technologies in the mix. You need to learn about its advantages and find out how to make it an easier process for your team. Read this survey report to find out more. 


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