It’s the place where you work all day, so you probably only see it as a collection of racks and cables. But under the right conditions a data centre can be a place of beauty — outside, if not in.
Here’s a slide show of 10 such beauties from around the world based on images from a just-published book. It includes one in Canada and one built inside a former chapel. Now there’s a thought: The data centre as a temple.
 After all, you’re alone with your thoughts in the middle of a room filled with quietly whirring disks and soft voices … OK, a chilled room with noisy fans and colleagues cursing because they can’t find the right port.
But with an interior decorator, your data centre could be like the one above. Wouldn’t that be a great place to work?
Does your data centre measure up? If you think so, email us a low-res image and we might make a slide show of our own.

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