Need to get a rein on your company’s mobile environment? Here’s a ten-point framework to assist corporate decision-makers in developing their mobile policies.

1. Develop classification criteria for different types of mobile workers and their unique network, device, application and support requirements.

2. Determine the devices and services you will pay for, based on employee level, function and mobility patterns.

3. Establish how ROI will be measured.

4. Distinguish between broad, horizontal requirements and specific vertical needs.

5. Develop a methodology for effectively communicating your expectations to service providers and vendors based on their specialities, as well as criteria for measuring and benchmarking them.

6. Consider security requirements at the access and device level. Mobile security should be integrated more effectively into the broader enterprise security framework.

7. Determine how personal use of mobile devices and services will be handled.

8. Develop rules for customer access to the mobile framework.

9. Establish policies and a structure for helpdesk support of mobile employees, and determine whether this is handled internally or outsourced.

10. Develop mobile policies as part of broader IT framework and vendor and partner relationships.