Tandberg ASA last week rolled out three videoconferencing appliances targeted at desktops and small group conference users.

The devices are capable of H.264 video compression and Advanced Encryption Standard. For desktop conferencing, the Tandberg 150 is a self-contained unit that features an 8.4-inch LCD screen, built-in high-resolution camera, speakers and microphone. The 150 can handle calls up to 512K bit/sec over an IP connection.

Also, Tandberg is introducing the 1500 MXP and 2000 MXP units for individual executives and meetings in small conference rooms, respectively.

Tandberg already is shipping the 150, 1500 MXP and 2000 MXP. The 150 is costs about US$3,000; the 1500 MXP starts at about $6,500; and the 2000 MXP starts at about $13,000. The optional MCU costs $3,000.