If you are interested in getting a read on what your skills as an IT professional are worth these days, I urge you to check out a nifty little tool available over on our Web site at www.itworldcanada.com/calculator. Called the Salary Calculator ’06, this simple process will allow those in the IT community to determine what the national average salary is for their particular position.

All that’s required is the entry of information into five pull-down menus. After that, the calculator works its magic and spits out information that will help employees get a proper gauge on how what they’re making stacks up against their peers across any given region of the country.

One factor that makes the Calculator particularly useful is the breadth of positions that it includes. Every rung on the corporate ladder is represented, from Help Desk support personnel right up to the CIO. Also included is a category of senior executive positions outside the realm of IT. This affords a comparison for senior-level IT people to determine if their compensation is in tune with what managers in non-IT departments are bringing in.

The Salary Calculator is an adjunct to Salary Survey ’06, a comprehensive poll from IT World Canada of nearly 5,000 Canadian IT professionals from more than 2,000 companies that offers a multitude of data around salaries and benefits, job satisfiers and dissatisfiers, staff turnover and a host of other topics related to the IT workplace in Canada. Further details about the survey can be found in our story beginning on page one of this issue (“IT pros hunt for jobs”).

The article highlights some of the more fascinating and surprising tidbits of information that have emerged from the survey. One overall trend that jumped off the page was that of quality of life factors as a part of the average IT worker’s job. While salaries, benefits and a host of other traditional job satisfaction factors are high on the list of important aspects for most respondents, it’s clear that elements such as the ability to work from home and short commute times are also key determinants around the perceived value of a particular job.

Perhaps the growing desire on the part of many employees to be able to achieve a better work-life balance is a reflection of the increasingly hectic, tech-dominated lives they lead. We hope that with the Salary Calculator, we’re providing one piece of technology that will make an IT worker’s life a little less complicated.

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