As everyone knows, the Internet’s body of knowledge is growing at a

tremendous rate. I recently read that there are now over 100 million web

pages accessible to the busy executive. One challenge has been the

harnessing of this information into competitive advantage.

While as purely cut-and-paste approach to Web content will no produce a

world-class IT function, leveraging that content on a regular basis can

greatly expand an organization’s capability. In fact it is becoming a

necessity for corporate and career survival.

In the accompanying chart I have identified a variety of best practice web

sites that address a variety of critical issues facing all CIOs and IT

managers. Next column we’ll focus on Web sites that provide useful

information on: 1) electronic commerce initiatives; 2) the need for

effective IT security in this increasingly connected world; and 3) Year 2000


I would also like to obtain your feedback, particularly on the web sites

that you regularly rely on to perform your job. Feel free to send me an

email with your “best” web sites.


The featured site this month is focussed on software engineering. Accessing will lead you to the

Carnegie-Mellon Software Engineering Institute web site. This US Defense

sponsored organization has developed numerous publications and papers on

improving IT management practices. In addition, it is one of the most

comprehensive repositories of current information regarding information

management I have come across. Enjoy!


The featured report this month is a best practice study report by the US

General Accounting Office. It is entitled Executive Guide – Measuring

Performance and Demonstrating Results of Information Technology Investments.

Released in March 1998 it can be found at -the report reference number is


Dan Swanson is a management consultant with LGS Group in Winnipeg. He

specializes in audit and management consulting and can be reached at


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