It’s back to school for IT professionals looking to hone their managerial and leadership skills. The Hamilton-based McMaster University and Mohawk College Bachelor of Technology Partnership is introducing a certificate/diploma program in technology leadership for the fall term.

This new certificate/diploma program, aimed at technologists already working in industry, offers courses in financial systems, entrepreneurship, organizational behaviour, project management, strategy formulation and interpersonal skills. Classes can be taken part-time, evenings and Saturdays, to avoid conflicting work schedules.

“We feel that a lot of people currently in the technology business who have technical degrees or diplomas may actually need to work on developing their management skills,” said Art Heidebrecht, executive director of the McMaster-Mohawk Bachelor of Technology Partnership.

Heidebrecht said that managerial and leadership skills are in high demand because leadership courses such as financial management, human resources and project management, are not typically covered in technical degrees. 077834