Network management supplier SolarWinds has added deep packet inspection to its flagship application.

The company said Wednesday that the capability is one of several features added to Network Performance Monitor 11 for troubleshooting network performance or application latency.

“Applications are placing more and more demands on the network, increasing traffic and requiring IT Pros to get smarter about how to manage them,” Chris LaPoint, SolarWinds’ vice-president for product management, said in a statement. “With SolarWinds NPM 11.0, we continue to respond to the evolving needs of our community of IT Pros and their requests to help simplify troubleshooting.

“Now with the new DPI technology and just a few clicks, network engineers have the power to go above and beyond network fault and availability monitoring to quickly identify, classify and analyze whether it’s the network or the application to determine the root cause of poor user experience.”

DPI is needed because traffic from many applications like Skype, YouTube and Microsoft Lync can’t be seen a network through the standard flow-based technologies alone, the company notes, which means network administrators have to use other tools to monitor performance.

By bundling DPI with SolarWinds says it keeps the price below US$3,000,

NPM 11.0 can continuously monitoring packets across the wire, inspect, identify and classifying application traffic for over 1,200 applications, and display network and application response time in easy-view charts and graphs.

Pricing starts at $2,675 USD, including one network packet analysis sensor, 10 server packet analysis sensors and the first year of maintenance. There’s a free 30-day evaluation version.


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