Cognos acquires BI tool maker

Ottawa-based business intelligence vendor Cognos Inc. has purchased privately held Celequest Corp., a BI company with expertise in real-time operational dashboards, for an undisclosed sum. Cognos officials said that they expect the acquisition will help the company attract more mid-market and departmental customers. The real-time Celequest dashboards are complementary to the historical and strategic dashboards in the Cognos 8 BI software, the vendor said.

HP’s new chip keeps Moore’s Law alive

Hewlett-Packard Co. researchers may have figured out a way to prolong Moore’s Law by making chips more powerful and less power-hungry. HP Labs said it has created a method of using a “crossbar switch” that more efficiently routes signals inside a common kind of chip called a field programmable gate array. The technology could lead to the creation of chips packed with far more transistors on board, leading to faster computing times. HP calls its new technology field programmable nanowire interconnect. The lab hopes to make a prototype chip using the technology within a year, and HP plans to produce chips that contain a 15-nanometer crossbar by 2010.

Fortify buys Secure Software

Fortify Software plans to acquire Secure Software, a move aimed at strengthening the development tools vendor’s presence in businesses that use IBM Corp.’s Rational products. Secure sells software that analyzes source code for security flaws. It is designed to work with integrated development environments like the IBM-sponsored Eclipse project and Visual Studio. Fortify sells similar security auditing tools, but with the Secure Software acquisition, it will now have better integration with IBM’s Rational Unified Process framework, said Fortify. Terms of the deal, which is expected to close this month, were not disclosed.

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