It can be the easiest or the most awkward moment of a job interview, and the open-ended question kicks off almost every one: Tell me about yourself …


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It’s a filtering question; if the interviewer isn’t happy with your answer, your odds of getting the gig go way down. It’s also a barometer of you psychologically; given no instruction as to what the content of the answer should be, what do you choose to include? You could wander to the corner of Banal and Irrelevant (“I’m really a cat person”). You could make solemn, self-serving pronouncements about your unwavering character. Neither of these is going to make a positive impression.
You’ll be much more comfortable with the question after reading these tips from the Toronto IT Staffing and Recruiting Blog. Keep it short but informative, be specific, and make sure there’s a little sizzle: something with a dollar figure in terms of money made or saved will always perk up a potential employer’s ears.

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