Smart meters not residential solution, says advocacy group. Response by Howard Russo


I’ve read this and similar articles, and all fail to mention what the 8pm – 10pm pricing scheme is.

This is most important to families with small children. However, all these pricing schemes don’t take into account having to tell the kids they’ll have to stay up late so Mom and Dad can cook dinner at the cheaper rate after 8pm or 10pm. And how about doing homework at 3am because it is cheaper than 8pm?

Come on Ontario, wake up, we need power at times when it makes sense, not at the convenience of the power utilities.

And that brilliant idea of cutting back on A/C usage when it’s hot? Uh, why do you think we have A/C in the first place?

I’ve tried complaining to the utilities and the government but their email boxes and voice mails are always full! Obviously they don’t want to listen to reason. Yes, by all means, conserve energy by using more efficient appliances and light bulbs, run the dishwasher later, do the laundry on weekends (when possible), etc, but don’t completely turn our lives upside down because successive Ontario governments have buried their heads in the sand and refused to keep up with the demands of economic growth! We have more people, more industry, and more businesses, which all require more power. I guess that’s a little too obvious for the morons at Queen’s Park.


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