– Unified inbox – PlayBook OS 2.0 allows users to quickly manage their personal email and work email accounts as well as the messaging capabilities of popular social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and others;

– Multi-tasking within email – With ‘tabbed email,’, users can reference one email while they compose another;

– Rich-text email composing and editing – Wider support for fonts, formatting and editing of email threads;
– Powerful calendar – Users can see who they are meeting with that day and review valuable information about that contact. Information is consolidated automatically from social networking sites about that contact and/or their company;

– Relationship-centric contacts app –
The new built-in Contacts app can merge and consolidate information from multiple sources (including email and social channels) into one contact file for each person in their address book;

Updated document editing – Documents To Go now has enhanced support for the virtual keyboard, the ability to view and update embedded charts and chart sheets within spreadsheets, a new formula wizard with over 100 functions as well as the ability to edit presentations including text, bullets and formatting;

– Print To Go – Allows users to wirelessly “print” from a laptop or PC to a PlayBook over Wi-Fi. It can input a hotel Web confirmation, an airline boarding pass email, a show event schedule or a map of the destination;

– Remote control from a BlackBerry – New BlackBerry Bridge features allow a user’s BlackBerry smartphone to act as a keyboard and mouse for a PlayBook. Think about it pausing a movie when a PlayBook is plugged in to a TV with an HDMI connection, or for using the BlackBerry’s keyboard to compose a message or document on the PlayBook.

– Enhanced Web browsing – A new reading view makes eliminates page clutter at the touch of a button for reading online news articles, blog posts or Web sites that contain heavy amounts of text.