Product: VMWare ThinApp 4.0

Description: ThinApp, based on VMWare’s ThinStall technology, is an agentless application virtualization product designed to manage plug and play applications. It packages software in formats such as .MSI and .EXE that can plug into existing infrastructure. It also lets two virtualized applications (such as Java, .NET, Internet Explorer and Office) communicate with each other and can update remote virtualized applications. Applications can be streamed from the network, presented from a terminal server or sent to a USB stick.

System Requirements: Any Windows operating system 1 MB of RAM

Price: US$5,000 for 50 client licenses

Product:visionapp Server Management

Description: A component of visionapp AG’s Application Delivery Management Suite, Server Management lets IT departments create virtualized servers and manage large Citrix and Windows Terminal Server environments. It works with visionapp Workspace Management, which is designed to provide a “consistent experience” for users of different applications, including Citrix and Microsoft.

System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 2000 or 2008, Wise Solution Inc.’s Installation System 9 or Installation Studio 7.0 or Package Studio 7.0, Access to a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or 2005 database, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Price: Pricing was not provided

Product:VMWare Desktop Manager 2.1

Description: Desktop Manager 2.1, a virtual desktop connection broker, is a component of VMWare Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. It can run up to 5,000 concurrent connections per cluster of Virtual Desktop Manager servers and lets administrators put “hundreds” of desktop virtual machines in one storage pool. Its multi-media redirection feature can direct some codecs to local PCs so they can render full-motion video and audio. The software connects remote clients to virtual desktops and lets administrators manage “thousands” of desktops at the same time. The company says this gives protection from disasters, theft and other disruptions.

System Requirements: 2×86 multiprocessor ESX servers with at least two processors per server, SAN, NAS or iSCSI shared storage system

Price: US$1,500 for 10 licenses for concurrent desktop virtual machines. US$15,000 for VMware VDI Bundle and US$1,500 for the add-on pack. US$1,500, which includes 100 licenses for concurrent desktop virtual machines. US$5,000 for VMware Virtual Desktop Manager and US$500 for the add-on pack, which includes 100 VMware Virtual Desktop Manager

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