An improved business intelligence dashboard, new gesture-based touchscreen controls and better collaboration functions are among the upgrades in the latest version of SAP AG’s BusinessObject Mobile app designed for the iPad.

The improvements enable users to visualize, search for data and collaborate within the application as well as share BI functions in a secure environment using native iPad gestures, according to a statement from SAP.

SAP currently has hundreds of mobile apps which are able to run on BlackBerry, Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems. They include SAP CRM Sales and several apps that link to BusinessObjects and generate mobile BI reports. The apps can also link to SAP’s BusinesOne ERP suite for small and medium-sized businesses and the company’s cloud-based human resources platform, SuccessFactors.

Earlier this year, SAP also partnered with Rogers Communications to offer SAP suite users a hosted mobile solution.

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Updates to SAP BusinessObjects Mobile include:

–New interactive dashboard capabilities that feature iPad gestures such as the ability to pinch, zoom, share and collaborate

–A single mobile app for all BI content, including Web Intelligence software, SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards software, Crystal reports software and Design Studio

–Other functionalities such as geo-spatial and location analytics, text annotation, functions such as draw, crop or blurring of sensitive numbers, as well as online and offline integration with SAP BusinessObjects BI platform and SAP Mobile platform