Sorry Canada, the elusive and highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Fold will not be coming to the great north.

After a slew of issues, delays, and fixes, the Galaxy Fold finally made its debut in South Korea on Sept. 6. Alongside its launch, Samsung has also announced rollout plans for France, Germany, Singapore, U.K., U.S., and several other countries.

In a statement to the Daily Hive, Samsung said that “Given it will be available in limited quantities across the globe, we have revisited the global launch plan. While we greatly appreciate consumers’ interest, unfortunately, the Galaxy Fold will not be available in Canada.”

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has a foldable 7.3-inch 2,152 x 1,536p Dynamic OLED display at the front and a 4.6-inch 1,680 x 720p display at the rear. It features a 10MP selfie cover camera, a 10MP front selfie camera with an RGB depth sensor, a 16MP triple camera, 12MP wide-angle camera, and a 12MP ultra-wide camera. The battery is split between the two halves, totaling to 4,380mAh. The phone is powered by an octo-core processor, 12GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage. It starts at US$1,980.

It comes in both 5G and non-5G variants.



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