HelpSystems has overhauled the user interface of its Robot/Network performance management software for IBM i Systems, letting administrators access it from a number of mobile devices.

The company said new Web-based interface lets users monitor the performance and statuses of their IBM i partitions through a browser from any mobile device as well as desktop and PCs. It automatically sizes for Android and iOS smart phones and tablets. The previous version was a thick-client,

“The ability to view the performance dashboards and respond to messages from multiple i System partitions can be accomplished through the new interface, ” Chuck Losinski, the company’s director of automation, said in an interview.

Robot/Network can now be managed from Android, iOS and PCs
Robot/Network can now be managed from Android, iOS and PCs

Customizable dashboards can be shared between users, the company said, and set up to define preferred systems and easily filter dashboards and statuses to provide information for the systems selected. The new status grouping feature also allows users to handle similar statuses without filling up their view.

Robot/Network is a centralized monitoring and management suite for Power Systems running IBM i servers including i iSeries and AS/400. It offers centralized control of the Robot software running on your IBM i partitions as well as performance monitoring, exception-based management, and integration for servers and events from any Web browser or mobile device.

Robot/Network connects with enterprise consoles like Tivoli Enterprise Console, HP OpenView, IBM Netcool, and others, letting i servers talk via SNMP or SMTP.