The joys of virtualization have been detailed endlessly. However, the technology doesn’t run by itself. Without the ability to peer into virtual streams, network and operations teams can’t troubleshoot problems.

Riverbed Technology says it has solved this difficulty for its Cascade network performance management appliances.

The company said Cascade 10 operating system for its Shark, Pilot and Profiler devices can now see into Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View virtual desktops streams, as well as into VMware’s VXLAN virtualized network tunnels.

“It’s really about enabling network and operations teams to embrace all the benefits of virtualization without losing the control they need to deliver high performance networks,” said Dimitri Vlachos, senior director of marketing for Cascade products.

As a result, Cascade appliances can look into virtual desktop, server and VXLAN software defined networks (SDN) problems, he said.

Cascade 10 will be available by the end of the year.
Riverbed also revealed that it has struck a US$ 1billion deal to buy Opnet Technologies Inc., which makes application and network performance solutions, and will be combined with the Cascade division.
“The addition of OPNET establishes Riverbed as the clear leader in the high-growth and converging application and network performance management markets,” Riverbed CEO Jerry Kennelly said in a statement. “This acquisition also transforms Riverbed into a billion dollar revenue company.”

“Riverbed and OPNET have natural synergies,” said Marc Cohen, OPNET’s Chairman and CEO. “Riverbed’s leadership in accelerating business technology combined with OPNET’s industry-leading suite of APM products provides customers with a single solution for monitoring, troubleshooting and actually fixing the application and network performance problems challenging them today.”


On the virtual desktop, Cascade 10 can examine actions such as key strokes, screen refresh, print traffic, file transfers and mouse movements.

For VXLAN SDNs, network teams can control and understand VXLAN virtual overlay network performance as well as monitor and troubleshoot software-defined data centers and the physical network.

Riverbed also announced two new products:

–Cascade Profiler Virtual Edition, a centralized analysis and reporting console that integrates application and network data from Cascade Shark Virtual Edition;

–Cascade Gateway Virtual Edition, which collects and aggregates flow data and statistics from network infrastructure and virtual environments and sends it to Cascade Profiler Virtual Edition. 

These two products are aimed at managed service providers to deliver network performance management as a service.