RingCube gets its MojoPac on


A mobile virtual desktop on a USB key that works with any Windows XP-based PC is designed to grant portability among knowledge workers, said one of the companies behind the recently launched integrated technology.

MojoPac Enterprise, a managed virtualization technology that lets users securely carry their entire desktop environment –files, applications, settings — on a USB drive, is useful for enterprise IT departments who typically struggle with issues like security, cost-effectiveness and ease of management, said Doug Dooley, senior director of marketing with RingCube Technologies Inc., the Santa Clara, Calif.-based maker of MojoPac.

Mobility is obviously a big issue. It’s an ongoing trend and doing it in a way that’s cost-effective and secure is a concern for enterprise customers,” said Dooley.

RingCube partnered with Santa Ana, Calif.-based MXI Security to deliver the virtual desktop on its Stealth MXP Biometric USB Drive, a technology that fits in the user’s pocket and is equipped with two-factor biometric authentication, which the IT administrator can set to require both a password and the swipe of the user’s finger. It’s also secured with AES 256-bit hardware encryption to prevent data leakage and unauthorized access.

MXI Security’s chief security officer and senior sales engineer, St


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