It’s been just over a decade since Amazon Web Services launched, a cloud computing platform that quickly set a standard for infrastructure and application services for organizations that want to let others do the heavy lifting.

That doesn’t mean AWS is flooded with enterprise customers, so this week it held its first IT conference, called re:Invent in Las Vegas.

SearchCloudComputing was there and we have a roundup of their coverage.

First thing to note is that your organization isn’t the only one hesitating to put sensitive data in the cloud. As Archana Venkatraman reports, a number of organizations are quite happy with AWS, but won’t put customer data anywhere but in-house.

The publication also noted that AWS will move into data warehousing early next year with the launch of a service called Redshift, for companies that need a relational data warehouse.
Finally, in his conference wrap-up, Adam Riglian interviewed several attendees and found some thought Amazon could have come up with more detail, while others found the answers they needed.