In the scramble for new mobile customers, communications service providers are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves with new features. Mobile customers – consumers and enterprise users – are notoriously demanding, and service providers that can respond faster than the competition are in line for a big boost to the bottom line.

Toronto-based Redknee Solutions Inc. says that the latest version of its Redknee Unified charging, billing, policy management and customer care package, announced today, will enable service providers to tap those new revenue streams more quickly.

Redknee Unified 10 includes real-time charging, policy and billing and customer care functionality that the company says can work with any mode of network access and payment type. It also offers an integrated policy management tool and marketing functionality that supports data monetization, differentiated service-specific charging and quality of experience.

The new release also encompasses a real-time customer relationship management that covers the initial online or in-store contact and extends through activation and provisioning, and delivers customer self-care and support in-store, or via the web or social media. Redknee says that the software’s cloud-based and SaaS delivery enhances its flexibility, resiliency and scalability.

Redknee Unified 10 supports the delivery and monetization of digital services across market segments that include utilities and smart meters, transportation, connected homes and vehicles, and the developing Internet of Things (IOT) ecosystem. Charging and billing solutions include roaming, partner management and partner settlement for a range of business models, industries and tariff and rate plans.

“Mobile users are becoming more connected and are demanding to be in control, informed and always on,” said Redknee CEO Lucas Skoczkowski in announcing Redknee Unified 10. “The same is true for more enterprises where being connected is critical for them to better serve their customers. The rise of data services and social media is transforming traditional business models and service providers need greater agility to differentiate. Redknee Unified brings together our combined product portfolio into a single, modular solution that supports the monetization of today’s business models and equips service providers to drive profitability into the future.”

Redknee currently works with service providers who collectively account for more than two billion mobile subscribers. Customers include Telus, Bell Mobility, American carriers AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile; Vodafone and Japan’s Softbank.