NAIROBI, KENYA – Qualcomm has developed technology that allows developing countries to connect to the Internet without a personal computer.

The Kayak PC alternative combines Qualcomm modems and mobile telephone computer chips into a portable gadget that eliminates the need for telephone or cable-wire connections to the Internet.

Kayak enables devices such as televisions or monitors to link to the Internet using 3G high-speed broadband wireless networks that are becoming increasingly available in developing countries.

“The broad footprint of 3G networks means that wireless is the answer to Internet access for worldwide markets, especially in emerging regions,” said Luis Pineda, Qualcomm Code Division Multiple Access Technologies vice-president of product management.

Kayak is leveraging cloud computing over wireless broadband networks to help bring new areas of the world into the global online community for the first time, Pineda added.

Devices operate with an Opera software browser and can be connected to a computer mouse and keyboard.

“Web-based applications open up new possibilities for people in emerging markets for whom packaged software can be expensive,” said Rod Hamlin, Opera Software senior vice-president of sales for the Americas.

“Combining the Opera browser with Qualcomm’s chipset is a great way to help bring the power of connected computing to millions of new Internet users around the world.”