Health and Community Services Minister Ottenheimer on Tuesdayannounced that a contribution of $10.5 million by Canada HealthInfoway, combined with government’s investment of $4 million inBudget 2005, would support the development of a province-widePicture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) by 2007.

It will make Newfoundland and Labrador the first province inCanada to have such a system. Mike Sheridan, COO of Infoway,confirmed the Infoway funding at a news conference in CornerBrook.

PACS is a computer system that allows diagnostic images -including x-rays, MRI, ultrasounds and CT scans to be digitallycaptured, viewed, stored and transmitted electronically from onesite to another. It replaces conventional x-ray film and greatlyimproves access to patient information by enabling referringclinicians to review patient images on computers anywhere in theprovince.

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