Oracle has signed a deal to purchase Sun Microsystems for US$7.4 billion, plunging the enterprise software vendor into the hardware market and making Sun the latest company to be subsumed by the Silicon Valley giant.

Here are some ITWorldCanada stories that help you trace back the developments.

SLIDE SHOW: Oracle’s 5 biggest industry-shaking moves

Shane Schick, ITWorldCanada editor-in-chief, looks back in admiration at Sun Microsystem’s “dogged determination” and “potential for success” in his blog post: Sun also rises, redux

Despite the collapse of an earlier deal with IBM, Paolo Del Nibletto, CDN editor, says its “no retreat, no surrender for Sun.”

Have A Java and Walk Away

IBM in talks to buy Sun Microsystems

Sun introduces open cloud amid IBM takeover talk

Original MySQL developer, Michael ‘Monty’ Widenius ends a rocky relationship with Sun to start his own company to be named Monty Program Ab

Sun Microsystems’ fresh cloud services offerings places the company in direct competition with Amazon Web Services

Sun targets health care in Canada

Sun releases JavaFX Mobile platform

PRO AND CON: The buzz about Oracle Beehive

Blogosphere: Oracle as an OEM

Oracle app dev chief leaves, raising questions on Fusion

Pirates become ‘users’ as Sun offers Java for free

Sun to give Solaris away for free

StarOffice basks in Sun’s glow

Sun Microsystems Inc. is encouraging developers interested in Java to download the source code and play with it — for free.

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