The Open Data Alliance (ODA) has established a Data Services Workgroup that has been tasked with identifying the most urgent requirements facing IT in tackling big data, to help create usage models for enterprises.

The ODA is an independent IT consortium comprised of 12 member companies that include BMW, Capgemini, Deutsche Bank and UBS.

There is a lot of hype in the IT industry surrounding big data analytics, but implementation and use of products, such as Hadoop, hasn’t proved easy for enterprises, where many are grappling with a lack of skills in the market and few user examples to learn from.

The ODA hopes to change this with a set of usage models that address the security, manageability and interoperability problems of integrating emerging big data frameworks with traditional data warehousing solutions.

Based on these usage models, the Workgroup will develop reference architectures and proofs of concept for independent software vendors and original equipment manufacturer partners to test deployments and establish solutions for the enterprise market.

“Through our discussions with customers we have identified a common need for more industry best practices on when and how to implement new data solutions and what critical skill sets will be needed,” said Marvin Wheeler, chairman of the ODCA.

“By working with end users directly in the ODCA we can share our experiences and start documenting tools to enable more companies to benefit from business intelligence transformation within their enterprise.”

Usage models are set to be released by the Workgroup in the second half of 2012.

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