No such thing as job security: Recruitment expert

Job seekers should stop focusing on job security to obtain a more rewarding career, according to a recruitment expert.

Glenn Beauchamp, WA general manager of The Brooklyn Group, warned job seekers in the recovering IT job market that job security and salary should not be a primary focus.
“The difference between contract and permanent employment is one gives you two weeks notice, the other gives you four, and the minute you get that out of your head you’ll probably find that you’ll have a more successful and rewarding career,” he said. “The reason being is that you will then focus on making sure that you get results and achieve things for your employer.”

While salary was important, Beauchamp said, in the long-term career satisfaction and success will come down to the office environment, project work and available resources.

His comments come on the back of the results of an online survey conducted by Hays IT, which found that career progression was considered most important by job seekers post-global financial crisis (GFC).

The survey, completed by 1351 people, asked what was most important in a job post the GFC.

At 38.27 per cent, career progression edged-out job security, which was rated as most important by 37.45 per cent of job seekers. Salary was most important for 24.28 per cent.

Earlier this week, recruitment firm Hudson released its latest ICT salary guide, which showed recovery in the IT jobs market could begin to take its toll on contract positions.
The 2010 ICT Salary Guide predicts that companies will reduce their contract positions in favour of permanent staff this year. In New South Wales alone, contract rates decreased from 10 to 30 percent from this time last year.

The guide also revealed ICT projects put on hold during 2009 will pick up again.


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