New graphics processor speeds up visual experiences


A Santa Clara, Calif.-based visual computing technology vendor Nvidia Corp. released a new lineup of notebook graphic processing units that it said will let notebook users power today’s visual experiences like those rendered by operating systems, and mapping software.

Nvidia GeForce 9M Series of graphic processors enables “a completely flexible, scalable, and high-definition entertainment platform,” the company said. The technology also runs photo editing software, graphically-intense games, 3D applications, and extreme resolution HD movies.

Besides speeding up entertainment applications, the GPU multi-core architecture speeds up the video conversion from a PC to small personal media devices five fold, Jeff Fisher, senior vice-president of the GPU business at NVIDIA.

Along with the new series, Nvidia is announcing what it called a new graphics innovation, Nvidia Hybrid SLI technology, which allows two Nvidia GPUs, one low-power and one high-performance, to cooperatively function in the same PC. Essentially, more performance can be delivered from both GPUs if required, or power saved by switching to the low-power GPU and therefore extending battery life.

In tandem with AMD and Intel CPUs, the new GPU series and Hybrid SLI will enable a new kind of notebook, said Fisher. “These new notebooks will be optimized to deliver a visual experience and raw computing performance that traditional cookie-cutter notebooks with integrated graphics simply can’t touch.”


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