Managers at NAV Canada will soon be using software from Quintiq to manage the schedules of its 2,000 air traffic controllers.

The company awarded a contract to the Dutch vendor, which is expected to deliver its Air Traffic Control Workforce Optimization software by the end of next month.

Nav Canada, a private company that operates seven area control centres and 42 airport control towers, must account for several factors when scheduling staff. These include the skills and training of each controller, union and government regulations, and employee preferences.

The company also has to change schedules due to illness, flight delays, weather conditions.

How NAV Canada uses technology to consolidate information

NAV Canada cruising along with Web portal technology

In addition to air traffic control, NAV Canada also handles weather briefings, passage of flight information, airport advisory services and electronic navigation aids. The organization has spent $1 billion on new systems and technologies, according to Quintiq.