A majority of companies want to accelerate the development of their global talent, according to a recent report from The Conference Board entitled ‘Developing Global Leaders: Enhancing Competencies and Accelerating the Expatriate Experience’.

Over three quarters (77%) of the 81 companies surveyed for the report indicated that they are seeking a variety of approaches to improve their global talent development.

Providing targeted feedback on performance and potential was cited by 47% of respondents as being the most effective tactic in accelerating the nurturing of global talent. The most effective practices to develop global business leaders are longer-term international assignments (33%) and international cross-functional team participation (18%).

“The best way to accelerate global leadership development is to have a sound framework,” says Robert Kramer, the author of the report. “It is important to identify what lessons and performance demands are needed to build international business proficiency, and to find key talent and focus attention on the fast learners.”

Well-managed firms are more likely to accelerate global leadership development by giving global leadership talent access to a few targeted, developmentally rich positions, providing greater opportunities for global networking, using assignments in foreign client or supplier organizations, employing focus groups, and using off-site education or training programs.