Lucy Competiello: the unsung hero behind our events


You’ve seen her work, you just don’t know it.

As IT World Canada’s resident event coordinator, Lucy Competiello has her fingerprints all over any live event, webinar, or roundtable that the company hosts throughout the year. Working behind the scenes, Competiello makes sure these events go off without a hitch so that they become the successes that they are.

Her journey to get to ITWC started at Transcontinental Media, where she was a production coordinator. There she would be in charge of the print side of magazines, such coordinating the ads in every issue, and overseeing the layout of each page. That’s where Competiello first had her run in with some of the ITWC crowd, well before any of them would find themselves working under the ITWC umbrella anyways.

Before working with Penny Gianniotis, Brad McBride, and Paolo Del Nibletto today at ITWC, Competiello ran with the Computer Dealer News crowd back when it was still a print magazine, creating friendships that would stand the test of time.

Between roles at Transcontinental Media and ITWC, Competiello found the most important role of all – mother of two daughters: Melina and Natalie. They’re 14 and 11 respectively, or “both going on 25,” Competiello joked.

With both of her kids in school, Competiello went back to work, but she didn’t immediately hop into the ITWC role. First, she started an eco-friendly cleaning service. This means using eco-friendly products, and eliminating supplies such as bleach. An eco-friendly cleaning service is a good sell, and Competiello found success running it, but was forced to retire in her prime due to a problem that has taken the best of us down – a bad back.

But after a brief stint at Winners, Gianniotis, now working under the ITWC banner as senior manager of customer events, reached out with an opportunity that brought her back into the coordinating fold.

Now, Competiello stays busy keeping up with work-back schedules that often run in overlapping six to eight week cycles. And she has to be considering the live events every few months, and webinars and roundtables every couple weeks.

With her one-year anniversary with the company just around the corner on Feb 1., Competiello may not have been with the company long, but she’s already made her mark.

You can catch Competiello at any of our live events, especially the annual CDN Women in the IT Channel Luncheon, which has been her favorite event so far.



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