Learn how to put smart to work at the 2018 IBM Innovation Forum


When you look at the technology that’s coming into its own — AI and blockchain, machine learning and even quantum computing — you know we’re living and working at a time of exciting opportunities.  With the opportunities, also come challenges: cybersecurity threats, a demanding consumer with a new selection of easily accessible options, and the integration of legacy and emerging technologies.

Data management tools and cybersecurity solutions may help companies get smarter and provide better protection for sensitive data, but no matter how sexy or forward-thinking the latest device, without a tailored purpose, they are just tools.  The key is in deriving their full benefits, achieved by putting them to work where they matter most to our businesses and public utilities.

The time has come for us to take innovation one step further — to put smart to work.

On October 18, 2018, IBM will be hosting its Innovation Forum at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in downtown Toronto. This second annual, made-in-Canada event will show attendees how to become dynamic change agents in their business and industry, taking full advantage of what emerging technology has to offer.

Last year’s Innovation Forum featured over 700 clients, 30 interactive demos, and 17 “lightning talks” — an exciting and inspiring showcase of IBM’s best technology, including Watson, cloud, analytics, and blockchain.

This year’s event will be at least as exciting. You will learn from many insightful speakers, participate in interactive demos, and enjoy dedicated time with some of the biggest thinkers in Canada. Register now to attend.

October 18, 2018
Sony Centre for the Performing Arts | 1 Front St. E., Toronto | Map

It’s time to think big(ger). It’s time to put smart to work. Don’t miss your chance to experience the innovative tools and ideas that are becoming so essential to building super-dynamic 21st-century businesses.

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