In a global survey of 439 executives conducted by Accenture, “using IT to reduce costs and create value” was rated the number one future issue cited by Canadian executives, tied for first with “managing risk”. Both were mentioned by 40 per cent of Canadian respondents.

Other issues of future importance were “increasing shareholder value” at 36 per cent, “increasing workforce performance” at 35 per cent, “attracting and retaining skilled staff” at 34 per cent, “reducing workforce related costs” at 32 per cent, and “changing organizational culture and employee attitudes”, also at 32 per cent.

With respect to current business issues, Canadian executives placed “use IT to reduce costs and create value” fourth.

The top current issues for Canadian executives included:

1. 57 per cent – “increasing shareholder value”

2. 47 per cent – “developing employees into capable leaders”

3. 42 per cent – “changing organizational culture and employees attitudes”

4. 40 per cent – “use IT to reduce costs and create value”

5. 40 per cent – “managing risk”

6. 37 per cent – “improving workforce performance”

7. 37 per cent – “attracting and retaining skilled staff”

Current issues at the bottom of the pile for Canadian executives revolved around customers: 26 per cent “attracting new customers” and “increasing customer services” rated only a 26 per cent response; while “increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction” came in at 21 per cent