The response has been tsunamious. We’re happy to say that in the short time it was available, a veritable tidal wave of respondents took the time to complete our Salary Survey 2006 for IT Professionals, giving us all sorts of interesting data to analyze and report on in next month’s CIO Canada.

At this point we can tell you that 3,039 respondents from across Canada completed the full survey, while upwards of 2,000 more answered a streamlined version that targeted a few key subject areas. The following stats are based on the responses given by those who completed the full survey.

Betraying a strong male bias in the IT profession, more than four out of five respondents (83%) were male. Over half of respondents (55%) indicated that they were satisfied with their compensation, while 20% were dissatisfied and 25% were neutral.

Just short of half the respondents (44%) felt that their compensation was less competitive than that given by other employers, while only about one in six (17%) said the their compensation was more competitive than that given by other employers. Which only goes to show that most of us still believe the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

Over half (58%) of hiring managers indicated they will be hiring new staff over the next year. And though 50% said they’d be hiring fresh graduates from colleges and universities, almost nine in ten (89%) indicated they’d be hiring experienced staff from other companies. Let the poaching begin!