IT pros seek fine balance of work, life


Work-life balance should mean more than just making time to do your duty to your family. Somehow, the notion that people also need time to recharge, rejuvenate and recreate themselves in activities that are neither work nor family has gotten lost in all the noise about flex-time, telecommuting and employee assistance programs.

Having a good life once included all manner of hobbies and activities done purely for joy. Some CIOs have managed to make time for this type of personal development in spite of the crushing burdens of IT: being on 24/7 managing their IT departments, keeping up with endless new technology developments, and figuring out the ROI on IT investments to keep the whole shebang going.

ComputerWorld Canada spoke with three Canadian CIOs who do all kinds of weird and interesting things just for fun. Motorcycling, banjo-playing, beekeeping, running and even doing needlepoint when you’re stuck in Sweden — these guys make the Nike clich


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