Canada has a long history of welcoming people from Ireland.

Today a Dublin-based IT consulting company will see if it gets a warm greeting when it host a luncheon for potential customers to announce its first international office will soon open in Toronto.

Founded in 2000, DNM Technology’s services include database projects, cloud integration, enterprise architecture and managed services.

But the Canadian operations will focus on analytics and business intelligence (BI) projects.

That DNM would pick this country as opposed to the U.S., where the pickings might be bigger, could be due to the slightly better economy here.

But the Irish company’s staff also has a Canadian flavour, said CEO David Quirke. He’s chair of the Ireland-Canada Business Association, and two of the company’s directors are either former Canadians or are married to Canadians. So when looking to expand to service the company’s multinational customers, this country was high on the list.

Also, he added, “we find the Canadian market very open, we find the people very good to talk to, we find the networking great, so we felt this was a good springboard for us.
DNM’s typical customers have annual sales of at least $50 million. They include the Irish airlines Aer Lingus and the city of Dublin.

There is no shortage of Canadian consulting companies, but Quirke – who started his IT career as an Oracle developer — said DNM’s focus on analytics sets it apart from Accenture, CGI, IBM, HP and others.

“We have a framework and methodology that brings the agile approach from development into the business analytics space to allow companies to realize value in their data as quickly as possible,” he said.

DNM still has to legally incorporate the Canadian division – which should be done shortly — but it has already rented space for a sales office in Toronto and Quirke is interviewing people for two positions. He’s looking for staff who have experience working with C-level executives and who understand business problems.

He’s also planning to open a technical office near the University of Waterloo, known for its computer science graduates, to take advantage of the talent there. For that office Quirke will be looking for several people with science degrees who can do advanced data modeling, analytics and data visualization.

By the end of the year the Canadian division should have a staff of six, he said.

Meanwhile DNM is talking now with potential customers and, with the luck of the Irish, Quirke said the company will sign its first soon.

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